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Calendar of Events

Hot Air Ballon At Conclave

Soar above the Section Conclave and help us spread the infection in a real life hot‐air balloon ride staffed with a professional hot air balloonist. All participants must sign and turn in a waiver form to ride in the ballon. Menawngihella Lodge is asking each participant to donate $1 to help offset the cost of the fuel. This is an opportunity never seen at a Section C4B Conclave, but you can only ride if you so sign up today! You can download the waiver form here.

Resigner for Conclave here!

Conclave 2014: Details Announced

Are you ready for Conclave? This year promises to be one of the best with Menawngihella Lodge 550 working for over a year to host the best event possible. Please be sure to take note of these important details while planning for your trip to Conclave!

What do I need to bring?

  • Registration Fee
  • Part A and C of your official BSA Medical Form
  • Class A Uniform
  • Cot (tents will be provided)
  • Spending Money for the Trading Post and Shooting Ranges
  • Other typical camping equipment

More information well be forthcoming about what awesome program and activities will be available. Head over to our facebook page and click “like” for up to date information about Conclave 2014!

New Section Website Launched!
After several months of development the new section website has launched. While it is still in development, if you have any feedback please . Your comments are valuable as we work to make the site beneifical for you.
May 30-June 1, 2014
Camp Mountaineer
Morgantown, WV