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Conclave 2015!

The annual Order of the Arrow Section C-4B Conclave will take place Friday evening, May 15th through Sunday the 17th, at Camp Arrowhead in Ona, WV. This is a gathering of Arrowmen from across Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia, and will be a fun time for all Arrowmen. The weekend will consist of ceremonies and dance competitions, vendor displays such as robotics, the National Guard, the West Virginia DNR, and summer-camp style activities such as climbing, swimming and shooting. We will have training opportunities available such as how to get involved with OA High Adventure, and OA activities like regalia-making and drumming. There will also be great food and parties, with a crazy auction Saturday evening. Conclave will be a great time and will also give you a chance to meet other arrowmen from our area.

Preregister at:

See you there!

-David Dombrowski
2014-1015 Section Chief

Your 2014-2015 Section Leadership Team

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Officers - leading the way to our Centennial Conclave:

  • David Dombrowski - Section Chief (Tecumseh Lodge 65)
  • Donovan Abraham - Section Vice Chief (Chi-Hoota-Wei Lodge 617)
  • Zach Moffatt - Section Secretary (Menawngihella Lodge 550)

They’ll continue to be advised by our returning Advising team:

  • George Soltis - Section Adviser (Chi-Hoota-Wei Lodge 617)
  • Michael Bledsoe - Associate Section Adviser (Chi-Hoota-Wei Lodge 617)
  • Shane Miller - Associate Section Adviser (Menawngihella Lodge 550)
  • Shirley Allen - Associate Section Adviser (Netawatwees Lodge 424)
  • Rich Braessler - Section Staff Adviser (Tecumseh Lodge 65)

Conclave 2015

Your Council of Chiefs has been hard at work starting the plan for the 2015 Section Conclave. This year, we’ll be continuing the open, midway-based model of Conclave, as we’ve done the past few years. This year, as a change, we’re going to work with a Conclave Vice Chief model to provide administrative leadership to the Conclave. Each part of Conclave will have a youth leader (a Conclave Vice Chief - or CVC) and adult adviser - appointed by the Section Chief and Section Adviser. Keep watching the Section’s media presence to find out more about these individuals.

At it’s meeting in early October at Camp Arrowhead, the Council of Chiefs approved the 2015 Convlave date and theme. We’re happy to announce that the Conclave will be May 15-17, 2015 at Camp Arrowhead in Ona, WV. Takhonek Lodge 617 will be our host and the theme will be "5 Score & 15 Blazes: Exploring the Past, Inventing the Future" and will incorporate both the history of our Order and its future.

Our New Lodge

Commencing this winter, Thal-Coo-Zyo and Chi-Hoota-Wei Lodge are coming together to form Takhonek Lodge 617, under the leadership of incoming Lodge Chief Taylor Giles. We look forward to celebrating their new Lodge and the fellowship it brings.

Conclave 2015
May 15-17, 2015
Camp Arrowhead
Ona, WV