Your Complete Guide to Planning a Trip to Japan

On this page, we’ve collected several articles that we think will help you plan your trip to Japan. From transportation to money, manners, and what to do in an emergency situation, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy a safe and convenient trip around Japan!


How to take public transportation, how to use the different types of transit IC cards, and other information relating to transportation in Japan.



How to use cashless services, how to exchange to Japanese currency, and other information relating to money in Japan.



Useful Japanese phrases you can use, social norms you'll only find in Japan, and other information relating to manners in Japan.


Interesting Facts

Various trivia that might come in useful and enrich your trip to Japan.


Emergencies (Medical, Legal, Natural Disasters)

What to do if you find yourself in an emergency while in Japan, such as getting injured or sick, or even a natural disaster.